Q: What size ceiling fan should I choose?

A: Please have a look at the size guide below for an approximation.


Q: How exactly does a ceiling fan keep you cool?

A: Simply by blowing air around, a ceiling fan makes it easier to evaporate sweat from your skin, which is the way for your body to eliminate heat.


Q: Why should I choose an ''Elegant'' ceiling fan over a different brand?

A: When you buy an ''Elegant'' ceiling fan, you only buy it once. We at Komathea Trading ltd, always stock spare parts, ensuring the long life of your favourite ceiling fan.


Q: Are ''Elegant'' ceiling fans expensive to run?

A: Here is a comparison between a ceiling fan and an air conditioner's running costs


Q: My ceiling fan shakes or wobbles, how can I fix this?

A: Every ''Elegant'' ceiling fan is equipped with a balance kit, included in the box. All you need to do is follow the instructions, which can also be downloaded here and your fan will be steady as a rock in no time!


Q: Can I use my Elegant ceiling fan during the winter?

A: Every ''Elegant'' ceiling fan has a 'reverse' function. Using your ceiling fan during the winter in reverse mode, recirculates the rising warm air from your heating, giving you year round savings!


    Summer Operation               Winter Operation